Best VoIP Business Services of 2023

The Best VoIP Service Providers for Small business in 2023 we believe is Nextiva!

Why Nextiva Stands Out for Small Businesses:

Nextiva’s All-in-One VoIP Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of business communication, we at 1 Call Telecom believe, Nextiva emerges as a frontrunner, catering to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises. With its user-friendly interface, advanced call management features, and a spectrum of pricing plans, Nextiva has secured its position as an ideal choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive VoIP solution.

Nextiva’s Essential plan, in particular, shines as an excellent budget-friendly option. This plan includes essential business communication features such as unlimited nationwide calling, auto attendants, video calling, online fax, voicemail, and even a toll-free number. Furthermore, Nextiva’s mobile and desktop applications are included at no additional cost, ensuring that you can work from virtually anywhere.

For companies in search of more robust functionality, Nextiva offers higher-tier plans that provide advanced integrations with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and ZenDesk. Additionally, you can benefit from features like SMS messaging and call recording. However, it’s worth noting that Nextiva’s international calling options may be limited compared to some other providers.

One pivotal factor that sets Nextiva apart is its impressive 99.999% uptime rate, a crucial metric when selecting a VoIP provider. Uptime represents the percentage of time a VoIP system remains operational and available to its users, emphasizing Nextiva’s reliability.

Furthermore, Nextiva garners acclaim for its high call quality and consistently positive customer ratings on various online review platforms. The company’s customer support stands out with round-the-clock availability by phone and additional support through chat and email during business hours.

In summary, Nextiva presents an attractive choice for small businesses seeking an affordable all-in-one VoIP service. It offers user-friendly software, exceptional call quality, and nearly flawless uptime.

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Learn how Nextiva can enhance your companies communications, save money and improve productivity with the latest in VoIP Technology!