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Modular Cybersecurity

14 Enterprise-grade Modules, One Platform

With Coro cybersecurity modules from 1 Call Telecom things snap together with a click of a button. No need for integration headaches. All on one pane of glass viewing, a single endpoint agent, and an AI-driven data engine. The one security platform with all the modules you need.

What Makes Coro from 1 Call Telecom Different?

Here at 1 Call Telecom we work with the leading solutions providers to insure we are building a cybersecurity stack that fits each customers exact needs and Coro Cybersecurity does just that, no longer do you need to buy multiple, segmented tools from multiple vendors, training employees on each one, and dealing with multiple interfaces and endpoint agents. Until now. Coro is one platform with many modules. Get all the security you need now, with the ability to switch on any module you need in the future..



All modules feed into one, easy-to-use dashboard, in which you can quickly view and even respond to statuses, events, and logs.

Endpoint Agent

Device posture, NGAV, EDR, VPN, firewall, and data governance are all on one easy-to-manage endpoint agent, eliminating agent conflicts.

Data Engine

Modules inform each other through a shared data engine, eliminating the need for integration and improving security posture.


Start for as Little as $4/Month per Module

Our pricing is straightforward and simple. Get your first module for $4/month. Or choose one of our pre-defined suites for Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, or SASE for $6.
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Security Modules that Snap into Place

A module is a self-contained security component that can be turned on or off. Some modules are core functionality. Some enhance other modules. Each Coro module has won awards in its security domain, outperforming many market leading point solutions.*

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